Shipping policy

Our medicine are manufactured and dispatched from India. Depending on the destination country it can take from 10-17 days and in certain circumstances at the most 5 more days
If the ordered product is undelivered beyond the mentioned timeline, please contact us immediately using our website's contact form. We will try our best to resolve the issue as soon as possible for the benefit of your interest.

Order cancellation policy

Please note that order cancellations are possible ONLY within 24 hours of the order submission. In the even you wish to cancel an order and you wish to call our support team on telephone or by email (Contact us) and let them know of the problem you might be facing, in case you contact after 24 hours have been lapsed since the order submission, cancellation will not be done.
You must ensure that you have input a valid shipping address while ordering for your product, you should double check the information before submitting any orders, a mistake on your part in doing so can result in non-delivery of the product. If at any time you believe that you specified an incorrect shipping address then contact us immediately (Contact us).

Refund policy

It is our guarantee that the medications that we offer are chemically equivalent to their branded counterparts and will have the same desired medical effect.
If you are unsatisfied with our medications please contact us and inform us about the problem. We will give you a return address and as soon as the product is received by us, we will initiate the refund process.
It is important that prior to contacting us with your problems, you have ensured that you used the product appropriately as prescribed by your doctor or the Instructions for use. Also keep in mind that the effects of the medicine can be hampered by fatty food and alcohol consumption prior to consuming the medicine.
If the product is undelivered by the dead line (the delivery takes 10-17 days, there may be an additional delay for 5 days for the customs checking), please contact our support team (Contact us) to qualify for a refund. The payments will be fully reimbursed to your credit card. It can take around 5-7 business days to process it after which the refund will be reflected in your credit card statement.

Privacy policy

We understand exactly how important medical data is of our customers and we have taken several steps to ensure that. Our Online Privacy Policy is to make our customers aware of the process by which we collect, use and manage the information of our visitors.
The privacy of our users is of utmost importance to us and we are committed towards maintaining the privacy norms and the security measures to safe guard personal information of our customers.
Information such as the domain name, IP Address, accessed pages, information provided voluntarily and the duration a user spends on the site is collected for all visitors and logged for statistical purposes.
We do not display any customer information online, even when a customer logins and views various products from our site, no information about them is gathered that can associate to their medical history with prescription of our products. All of the customers' information is stored in our database securely which is not connected to the internet and is inaccessible. Once the transactions are possible to be made online, this will bound to change and we will make efforts to maintain the security of such information of the user and limit it's access to it.
It should be made clear that we do not attempt to make any attempt to identify users or customers based on their browsing activities other than those stated above or in the event of an investigation involving a law enforcement agency exercising a warrant for inspecting logs, or in the event we find it important for collecting and producing relevant electronic documentation to fulfill its obligations to third parties, including statutory organizations under local law.
As mentioned above we will disclose your personal information only under special circumstances. In the event we have to protect any copyright or intellectual property in the interest of the website, or in case when it becomes necessary to enforce Our Website's Terms and Conditions of Use.
We will not be sharing any of your personal information with any third parties that can identify you in anyway.
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